Scorcese Shells: One Of Our Own

A couple years ago I was introduced to an artist that became a friend. Shelton Lee shared a mutual friend, King Merlino who linked us up. He was easy to support. Always had content and genuinely supported what I do. I can’t say we spoke all the time, though we did have speak on the phone before. As well as, communicating through social media. I’m still in shock that Shelton is no longer physically with us.

This is the first time I’ve ever done something like this. Unfortunately, rappers in general have died frequently, lately. This one is close to home, though. I written about Scorcese, we were planning on working on joints together. I just want this to be something to remember a comrade by. Anybody that know his, come through and post some thing. Pics, vids, comments. whatever you like. Please continue to share his music. He’s worked with so many artists, underground and major. You can contact his partner, Jason Griffin for more merch and physicals.

May Yahweh rest your soul, Shelton “Shells” Lee

Revenge Of Truence – On Repeat

I value the establishments I’ve made with the residents in this circuit. Everyone who has played a part is valued, each role. Tonight’s recommendation is from a gentle spirited, young lady. Don’t let her kindness rock you to sleep.

That Blessed Girl can get mean on the beats. She laced the emcees with one of those, “Yo where that sample from?” Tay Dayne spits alongside MuGGz On Druggz to show you how Revenge Of Truence get busy. The track is therapy, the flows shift from laid back to aggressive. An effective arrangement!

Listeners are looking for artists that differ from others. This tune provides the option. Good for the mental, overall good music to vibe to. However you get right in your groove. Add their single to your collection at Bandcamp. It’s fraction of the catalog you’ll enjoy. Thanks for supporting. Almighty blessings to you and yours!

Available At Bandcamp

Boat Shoes (Produced by Chillon Daviz) – Nation GVNG [PR the Great & Scorcese] OFFICIAL VIDEO

Technology at the fingertips. Fun factor in Hip Hop never fades. People keep finding creative ways to market content. When we were kids it seemed you had to have a huge budget Actually, you did.

Presenting the brand in video is a format for crowd funding. Scorcese Lorde Jones connects his fan base with music, gear, as well as throwback memories from film and pro wrestling. Tagging with PR the Great, they form Nation GVNG. This champagne piece was laid by Chillon Daviz. Only right for the classy mic abuse.

I like the treatment for the visuals here. The television effect, N.O.D and Paid In Full vibes keeps the entertainment rolling. The emcees bring that pressure as their Cadences did in the 90’s. The first single off Nation GVNG, an album stacked with dope content. Check the vid and give the album a spin. Thanks for your support. May the Almighty bless you!

K.Burns – The Album, That Never Existed

The era of the innovators. No text book for the life lessons being taught, currently. This music circuit has been a conduit for those that dare to travel. We biggup those wiggling through the obstacles.

Back from a birthday getaway turned Gold Chain business trip in Cali, K.Burns delivered a variety pack. A collection of rare pieces to get caught up to speed. The beats are movies. Shouts to Rob Diner0, Kheyzine, Ecto-84, Widowmaker, BadBeats87, Bass Reevez. There’s FarmaBeats, Vinyl Villain, IAMT2, and 8-bza.

The lyrical line up is just as rich. Catch the chemistry shown working with Eddie Kaine, Rim, Fastlife, and Peaz. In this mash up of heaters, you’ll find a selection to vibe to. “Only reason I’m keeping my cool is cause of fans.” Let that one sink in. It’s running off the shelf at Bandcamp, get yours now. Almighty blessings to all.


Krazy The Real One – Lay Me Down

The cycle continues. Oppressors keep try their best to cause obstacles. People show perseverance in the most impressive ways. It’s what holds this community together.

Wearing his heart on the sleeve of his hoodie, Krazy The Real One delivers something tangible. Personally, we all need that back rub to come home to. Someone who’s been there through your struggles. That person that knows yours flaws, short comings, but remains in your corner. He speaks through the spirit.

Tonight’s recommendation puts me in the first-person perspective. As I listen to the occurrences in the lyrics, I picture myself going through them. The keys are so melodic and the harmony in the chorus stand for a memorable song. This is available at your favorite music stores online. Get your hands on it. Blessings from the Most High!

Himayown X Patchz -World View

We have one mouth and two ears to listen twice as much. So, I’m always pleased with someone voices issues that have been weighing on me. Makes like feel easier, certainly makes writing articles easier.

Bringing a different angle tonight. Himayown, attacks issues that should be expressed regularly. This poetic, North Carolina artist got the smoothest background provided by ever talented producer, Patchz. I could agree with some of the points on the causes of destruction in our homes. A society lacking guidance will keep traveling the wrong path.

I recommend this tune for anyone looking for something realistic. If you listen to 10 Rap songs, most of them won’t sound like this. An ideal merge of convo between the vocals and the track. All the support is highly appreciated or If it’s new to you. Available at Spotify, it’s also available at Bandcamp. Thanks for staying up with me. Blessings to you from the all Almighty!

Whata Mess – Dollar Signs

There’s some artists out there that got the it factor. I don’t try to predict who is going to blow. What’s common is the artists I write about possess the potential. There’s usually something that stands out about them.

Whata Mess presence is always felt through his art. He’s been one of the hardest to keep up with lately. He’s released so much heat. I want to get in this particular joint produced by Nomstks, who layed some addictive keys down. When it’s time to get paid, Mess proves he’s willing to do whatever it takes.

I love the line, “I’m so comfy where I’m at” This is a different level of hardcore, nothing being glorified. He’s acknowledging what exists. The energy is full, I could ride to this or blast it in the crib. You’ll like this, as well as the album, The Book of Mess. Get your copy at Bandcamp. Bless everybody!

Buy At Bandcamp

Messiah’s Theme – Jeff Smith

This realm we’re in is a powerful one. Make your own rules, your own path. The internet yields leverage for the independents out there. I admire when authority is used for something positive.

So, I gotta salute Jeff Smith for his lyrical ability to speak awareness and keep it entertaining. A soulful slapper orchestrated by Illforever presents an audio podium for the artist. Jeff shoots down the glorifying of our achilles heels. A recommendation for the real people. Not rapper real, but everyday people real.

I could agree with his intentions for the simple life. Jeff speaks of self worth, education, plus he spittin. Beat junkies receive a two-part gift, and this is only one of the heaters from his latest album, Moorfiend. I got the link for you. Support on the level that suits your means. Almighty blessings!

Messiah’s Theme Available At Bandcamp

Zenith – Alpharaoh

I knew there was a reason I wanted a website in 2009. For more than posting my music, something more rewarding. More in the present, the journalism and social capabilities have become ideal. We live in an era of innovation, as well as integration.

One of my favorite Electronic artists, Alpharaoh manages the two, effortlessly. Each release brings more sounds out. The latest project is an ambient story. For the most part, Al let’s the music do the talking. Listeners will also find an interesting mix of recording artists.

I could hear a few of these tunes playing on future film. A dope recommendation to mellow out to. Something different with a new feel. Available in all major platforms. Listen, share, and purchase. Thank you for staying up with me. Praises to the Almighty!

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