Check out this guy out of Queens N.Y. I LIKE HIS HOOKS!

Bless you!!!

C O M R A D gossip

Supreme just showed me another hot m.c./rapper out of Queens he inter viewed a few days ago. I’m actually mad i have’nt heard of this guy before. his video is dope 2! Tell me if you like this! kisses!

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Smashing Pumpkins – Siamese Dream

Good to hear about gems from the Golden Era. A friend of mine recently brought up Smashing Pumpkins. Their single from a few years ago still had a similar sound to it.


Still on a grunge kick, here’s another classic of the genre that everyone owned (with the probable exception of our infernal HMO), at one point or another… 

Playing this 1993 record now, in 2017, I still knew every word and what came next in every song. Rather than that being boring, though, it was like being with an old friend you haven’t seen in a long time. The good kind, with whom you can just pick right up and it’s like no time has elapsed at all. Damn, we played the hell out of this CD, back in the day! I even learned how to play Disarm and Today on the guitar. Bet I could still do it now.

I had vague memories of (at one time) thinking that this album was over-produced, that it was so fixed up that the sound was brittle. This time through, I didn’t notice…

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